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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Running the Race

I never fancied myself much of an athlete. I don’t have the competitive edge needed to be successful at team sports. I am much better at individual activities where I only have to meet or exceed my own expectations. The only team sport I ever semi-excelled at was bowling when my husband and I joined a team when we were first married. In elementary school, I was the marble champion of the playground, but, again, that is more of an individual sport.

In May, I decided I needed to do something good for my health. My doctor had asked me numerous times what I was doing for exercise. My response of, “not much” wasn’t making her smile. I started by buying a DVD walking program with the option of doing one, two, three or four miles and a cool down. The first and fourth miles are 15 minute miles which is the pace I had done years before when I was on a regular exercise program. I knew I could do it now because I had done it before. The second mile is a 12 minute mile, accomplished by including a two minute running portion. The third mile is a 10 minute mile and includes, you guessed it, two running sessions of two minutes each.

I diligently used the DVD in varying lengths every morning for about four weeks. When grandchildren were here, they had fun doing it with me, especially the running sets. We’d run through the house and out the back door and around the deck and back in time to do the next part of the video. I was feeling very accomplished.

Cathy and Mary Jane crossing the finish line
Color Run, Asheville, NC

About that time my daughter sent an email advertising a 5K Color run/walk in nearby Asheville, NC. The proceeds would support two local charities. We talked it up and several of us signed up, along with some friends. It sounded like fun and we had 6 weeks to get ready for it. The only hitch in the plan was that I did all my training on level ground and Asheville is very hilly. There were several smaller hills that I managed to navigate without much trouble, but then came the granddaddy of all hills. The sight of it made me groan. It rose in front of me like an impenetrable wall. I made it about halfway up before I had to stop and rest. I am so thankful for my dear friend and running/walking partner who waited with me and encouraged me to keep going.
First Place Medal

Since then I have done three more races and have three scheduled for November (what was I thinking???). The funny thing is that I have won first place medals in my age group at all three of those, not because I am fast, but because there aren’t that many people my age running 3.1 miles. Come back next week to find out what I have learned through all of this.

Going out with joy today-