"Welcome to my blog space. I believe that God has carefully placed gems in our paths to fill our days with joy. The challenge for us is to take the time to notice them. My desire is to share the gems in my life so that, hopefully, you will see the ones He's placed in yours. I hope what you read here will be worth your time and you'll want to return often." - Cathy

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Continuing the Journey

Hello, dear readers! Lots of life has happened since we last talked. We’ve been apart longer than I intended when I took a break from blogging. I’ve missed you.

            Often, I feel like I am a puppet on a string at the mercy of someone else’s plan for my day. A day is gone, then a week, and then a month has passed and my head wiggles and waggles like a booble-head doll, wondering where all those days went and what I did to fill them up. When I was about twenty-years old an elderly lady (it seems strange to say that now that I am one!) told me that the older you get, the faster time goes. I discounted that information because she was an old lady and what could she possibly know. Now I know. Now I’m the old lady giving young women a reason to shake their heads.
Friendships are
like jewels

            I’m looking forward to being back with you, my dear readers, as we share the journey through this world to our real home in Heaven. The journey here is still joyful and God is still placing gems along my path that I want to share with you.

Joy and blessings to each of you!

See you again soon-