"Welcome to my blog space. I believe that God has carefully placed gems in our paths to fill our days with joy. The challenge for us is to take the time to notice them. My desire is to share the gems in my life so that, hopefully, you will see the ones He's placed in yours. I hope what you read here will be worth your time and you'll want to return often." - Cathy

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Shift in the Universe

“Hey, Dottie, why don’t you tell us about your name?”

“Ok, my name reminds me that even though I am a tiny dot in a huge universe, God knows me and He loves me. What about your name, Jewel?”

“Ok, a jewel is a precious gem created by God. I am one of those gems. God puts the sparkle in me. Hey, look, Dottie. These people are some of His gems too. Look at them sparkle!”

And so begins a clown routine for the Silly over the Savior (S.O.S. Gang) Clown Troupe. I am “Jewel” in this duo. It brings me great joy to be part of this unique way to spread The Good News to people of all ages.

In our hospital ministry, Dottie and Jewel come across people at all stages in their life’s journey. Our mission is to change the atmosphere in that hospital room for just a few seconds. It has been proven that if you can do that, there is a shift in the universe. It’s similar to ripples in a pond. The ripples move out in circles and end somewhere beyond our sight.

The Bible tells us a heart filled with joy is like a soothing medicine that heals us. On the flip side of that, we are told that a downcast spirit leads to our bones drying up. Isn’t that a pitiful thought?  Bursting with joy and thriving - or – down in the dumps and dried up.

The purpose of this blog is to remind you of the little gems that God has placed along your path to bring joy to your journey. They are there, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we fail to see them. My hope is that each blog post will change your focus just enough that your universe is affected and your journey is filled with joy.

The choice is yours – joyful or downcast, thriving or dried up. Which will you choose today?
Wishing you a joy-filled journey-
Cathy (a.k.a. "Jewel the Clown")


  1. Thanks to Linc, Tommy, Tammy, and Cindy for joining me in this journey. You have brough me joy.

  2. Thanks Missy, for joining the journey! You're a gem.

  3. Hey Cathy :) I just discovered your comment on Morning Glory. Thank you for stopping by. I loved your post about choosing joy and I love your servant's heart when it comes to spreading joy. Thank you for that. Sweet blessings to you! Nan

  4. Thanks, Nan! You're comments gave me joy today.