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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blessed and Highly Favored

            I consider myself to be blessed and highly favored by God. From as far back as I can remember I have known Him. He was real to me in early childhood, and I always knew He had a plan for me. We had a relationship even before I made it official when I was sixteen.
I thought everyone experienced God the same way I did until a coworker, also a Christian, remarked to me one day, “You are so lucky. You just believe. It isn’t a struggle for you. It is real to you and you readily accept it.” I was thirty-eight at the time.
She shared a manuscript she had written and asked me to critique it. I knew before the end of the first page it was her personal story. The main character lived in an ordinary world with her parents. In her early teens she discovered there were limits to her world when she got to the edge of it one day. She could see there was more outside the bounds, but the view was hazy. She did notice there were no vibrant colors there, just shades of gray.
She felt strangely drawn beyond the limits. She was scared to step into the unknown region, but at the same time, she was excited because she sensed there was something for her out there somewhere.
She searched the area, seeing many strange sights she couldn’t logically explain. Still, she knew she hadn’t found the elusive “thing” that was wooing her so she continued. She looked frantically day and night for months. The more she searched, the more panicked she became, afraid she may never find what she was looking for.
She was overcome with tiredness and thirst when she noticed a well a few yards ahead, a bench sitting beside it. She sat and rested awhile before she had the strength to lower the bucket into the well. As she struggled to pull the bucket full of water to the surface, a man with a gentle spirit approached her.
As she sipped the cool water, they talked. Suddenly she felt totally rested, completely fed and amazingly refreshed. She felt light. She wanted to dance. The struggle she had experienced in the gray darkness turned into rainbows of color sparkling around her.
So what about you? Do you know the Christ I know? How did you come to know Him? Was your journey to Christ as easy as mine was or did you struggle to find Him like my friend?
God blessed me with an easy path to His Son and salvation. My heart sings with joy and gratitude.
Go and serve the Lord with gladness today-

P.S. If you don’t know Christ but have been struggling to find Him, contact me (hiskid410@gmail.com) and I’ll be glad to introduce you.


  1. Saw your post over on the Book Club Network and thought I'd stop by! I grew up in a religious home - but didn't accept Christ as my Savior until I was 21 years old. What a difference knowing I did nothing to earn salvation - Jesus Christ paid my sin debt when He died on the cross. I just accepted His gift! Look forward to your next post, Cathy. God bless!

    1. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for following my journey. I love to hear people's testimony. Everyone's is so different but God deals with each of us in ways we understand. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following my journey, Jo. I feel honored and priviledged to have you in my court. Blessings!