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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day Blessings

Cathy, Nanci, Caitie and McKenna
Four Generations
I hope your Mother's Day was as wonderful as mine was. All but one of my children, who lives away, attended church with me. Two granddaughters and my great-granddaughter made four generations of us in church together that morning. No gift can outdo the joy I receive from worshipping with my family.
Later that day my daughter, Nanci, invited my husband and I to go to a newly opened yogurt shop in our area. When we arrived at her house, I was met by an excited six-year old who had made "a surprise" for Grandma. When Emma joined our family, we felt blessed. I had no idea what joy she would bring to us. What follows is my version of a poem for Emma.
Emma with my "Surprise"


As precious as diamonds,
An unexpected blessing. 

She stood on the steps as she’d been taught,
But when the car stopped moving
She bounded through the grass,
One hand held captive behind her back.                

She danced in anticipation,
Satisfaction filled her smile.
She was confident I would love
What she was about to reveal. 

She had worked quickly, in silence,
Her secret to keep.
Then her voice oozed with pride,
“Grandma, these are for you!” 

She unleashed the lovely prisoner-
Twelve white clover blossoms and
One pink azalea, for accent,
All bound up in a clover stem. 

As precious as diamonds,
An unexpected blessing. 

By Cathy Biggerstaff 

Going out with joy today-

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  1. Awww....Cathy! How wonderfully sweet. I love your poem about your granddaughter. Grandchildren are absolutely one of God's greatest gifts. Bless you sweet friend.