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Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Is That Smell?

         I am a member of the Encouragers Christian Writing Group. We meet monthly and are assigned a writing prompt for each meeting. At the meeting we each read what we’ve written and offer comments.

         The prompt for the most recent meeting was: I smelled it before I ever saw it. I have never fancied myself as a poet but when I sat down to compose my offering a freeform poem in four movements flowed out of my pen. I’d love to hear what you think. 

What is that Smell? 


Act One:
As I jumped off the bottom step of the school bus,
I smelled it before I ever saw it.
The tantalizing fragrance drew me
through the screen door
and into the kitchen.
There it was in all of its glory,
My sight confirming what my nose had hinted at,
A plate of peanut butter cookies.
My favorite, fresh from the oven.
Thanks, Mom! 

Act Two:
The fresh scent of baby powder
Surrounds the precious bundle in my arms.
Her wide-eyed, animated face
Struggling to produce her first soft coos.
With one almost unnoticeable, red-faced grunt
This idyllic scene morphs into something quite different.
I smell it before I ever see it,
But I know what will greet me
When I unwrap the baby to change her diaper.
How can one tiny human be responsible
For this man-sized odor? 

Act Three:
The meal was sinfully delicious,
The conversation lively,
The evening a satisfying success.
The trip home focused on highlights of the evening,
Until my nose hairs started burning,
And my gag reflex kicked in as I tried not to breathe.
I smelled it about a mile before I ever saw it,
The dead skunk splayed in the road.
I don’t know where he was headed or why,
But he didn’t get there.
He did make one last valiant effort
to leave his mark on the world and
that he accomplished. 

Act Four:
I entered the house after work that day
And took in the smell of it before I ever saw it:
The welcome home scent of apple pie,
With a faint compliment of cinnamon.
The cares of the day melted into thoughts
Of the comfort a warm slice of apple pie would bring.
I rounded the corner into the kitchen and there it was,
My eyes became laser points as I stared in unbelief,
The spray bottle of apple pie scented air freshener
Sat boldly on the counter, taunting me.
How rude!

Cathy Biggerstaff
June 17, 2013
Going out with joy today-


  1. The scope of these everyday occurrences sweeps gently over a lifetime. I know much more about you now. Quite revealing. And good -- very good!

    1. Thanks, Judith! I hadn't thought about it being revealing but then I guess all writing says something about the author. Blessings to you, my Dear!

  2. These small pictures of life are very well done. You drew me into each act. I was surprised the way the second one ended, but that's life when we have babies..

    1. Thank you for stopping by for a visit today. When my babies were "talking" to me and looking at me with their sweet little innocent faces, it didn't matter what happened on the other end. Nothing could ruin the moment for me. Blessings to you!

  3. Thanks, Cyn! You are such a blessing!