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Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Other Side of the Shift

In my first blog, (A Shift in the Universe) I explained the premise of a hospital clown’s mission: changing the atmosphere in the patient’s room for just three seconds causes a shift in the universe. It’s a proven scientific fact. One of the reasons I enjoy hospital clowning is because I know that over and over each visit, I am doing something to change the outcome of the day for the patient, a family member or one of the health care professionals.
A few weeks ago, God allowed me to be on the other side of a shift in the universe, not causing the shift but benefitting from it. I am forever changed.
It happened one Sunday after church. My husband and I went to a local buffet to eat lunch. We sat in the back dining room with some friends. When I came through the door into the main dining room to serve myself, I immediately sensed that something unusual was happening.
And then I saw it. My pastor was standing in the kitchen door praying with one of the cooks. It was fervent, deep, meaningful prayer, not a few token words to satisfy the request for prayer. The air was electrified. I was pulled closer to the two men as though every molecule in the room was moving toward them.
My heart has been overflowing with joy since that encounter. I am thankful to have a pastor who will stop what he is doing to pray, really pray, for a soul in need. I am also thankful for the man who realized his lack of power in his situation and, by joining with a brother in Christ, turned it over to God who is never lacking for power and answers.
When calling on the Father, it only takes two willing souls praying in agreement.  The Amplified Bible describes it this way: “For wherever two or three are gathered (drawn together as My followers) in My name, there I Am in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20
               I am overwhelmed to have been in the presence of I AM at lunch that day.
               How do you handle the curves in the road in your journey? Please share with my readers. We’ll all be at that point at some time. Give us something that will help us hop right over those bumps.
Have a blessed and joy-filled day-