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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oritis and Other Maladies

“When are you going to blog about me, Grandma?” asked my twelve-year old granddaughter, Morgan, after she read some of my posts that included mentions of other grands. We talked about it for awhile, considering one approach or another, with no success. Some of the stories we thought about would embarrass her, but still she was serious about wanting her time in the spotlight.
I have had the pleasure of being present when all four of my grandchildren were born and when my great granddaughter was born last year. I’ve seen them all take their first breath this side of Heaven. It's an awesome thing to be part of.
Morgan is the only grand to be ushered into this life with the help of a midwife. I was concerned about my daughter’s choice at first, but my fears were allayed when I found out the delivery would be in a hospital and help would be available if needed.
Morgan - Six Months Old
The midwife was wonderful. She maintained a calm, controlled atmosphere in the room making gentle suggestions. After Morgan arrived she was taken to the nursery. I was gazing at the newest member of our family through the nursery window when the midwife came in after caring for my daughter. She checked Morgan’s vital signs, weighed her, and tested her reflexes and other functions.
Then the most amazing thing happened – she started dressing our baby and, as she did, she softly prayed blessings over Morgan. How could life be anything but good when it starts that way?
Morgan has always been a character, doing quirky things that make us smile. She is her mother’s duplicate in looks, actions, temperament, and outlook. Morgan has grown up in a medical atmosphere. with both her mother and aunt being nurses.
Lots of Morgan’s playtime mimicked the medical language she heard at family gatherings. When she was about five years old, her grandpa was lying on the couch reading a book while Morgan played nearby. She brought a long plastic tube with corrugated edges (the kind you can swing overhead and it whistles) over to him and shoved it in his mouth. She said, “You don’t feel good. You need a feeding tube.”
The real shock came when she came back in a few minutes and, with no warning, jerked it out of his mouth nearly pulling his teeth out. “You’ve had enough to eat,” she said matter-of-factly and moved on to her next patient.

Morgan at her
Dance Recital
When she was about two and a half, she came hobbling into my bedroom one day bent over and holding her hip. That day, her “oritis” was bothering her. And it continues. A few weeks ago she was spending the night with us and she was hurting all over from a go cart near-accident the day before. “Do you think I have artherfibermyitis?” she asked. I had to laugh.
I feel so blessed to be Morgan’s grandmother. She is a uniquely made, highly blessed and favored child of the King. She keeps me smiling with her commentary on life. You never know what she might say next. Wherever God leads her, it gives me great joy to know that He chose me to be her Grandma. We make a great pair!
Do you have a grandchild story you’d like to share with my readers today? Leave your comments below.
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    1. I hope so. I haven't heard from her about what she thinks.

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    1. Thanks, Connie! I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate you stopping by today.

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    1. Thanks, Amy! I hope you are keeping track of the Maggieisms so that you can blog about her one day. That would be very touching and entertaining.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to see your children's traits in your grandchildren? My grandson Kaleb is so much like my son Jason. Both of them never stop talking. We just laugh when Jason gets frustrated at the incessant talking, just like we used to!

    1. Yes, payback can be delicious! Whenever Morgan's mother says things like, "I don't know where she gets that," we all just smile and coyly say, "We don't either," knowing all the while exactly why Morgan acts like she does.Thanks for stopping by today and I'm glad my story touched home with you.

  5. Morgan is beautiful! You did a great job introducing her to us. My favorite grandchild story is about my grandson, Jamison. When he was 5 years old his daddy asked him if he was excited about Valentine's Day coming up in a couple of weeks. Jamison said, "Nah. It ain't no fun if you don't got a girlfriend." His dad said, "What about Chloe?" Jamison shook his head side to side and then said, "I done give up on women. They are too much trouble." Isn't that hysterical?? I have told this more times than I can count. I love being a grandma!

    1. How cute! Already gave up on women at age 5. I love being a grandma,too. I could fill several journals with the comical things my grands have said and done. You may see more of them as time passes. Bless you, my Friend, and thanks for reading and commenting today.

  6. I love to read about those wonderful extensions of us called GRANDCHILDREN. Having three of my own I feel so hilariously blessed. I love to think about the time I flew out with two of my children to San Fransisco to spend time with my oldest grandson, Sean. Watching my son play with Sean was sweet. They were 6 and 4 at the time. Sean rightfully called out to my son, "Uncle D.J." this..and "Uncle D.J." that. If tickled us to see the title with the boys being so close in age.
    I was doing my own thing. Straightening up what two boys can quickly tear apart, when Sean turned his head and called out "Uncle Grandma...!" I tried my best to not embarrass the little guy. I did let him know that just plain ol' Grandma was all he needed to call me. But he continued and all through the trip I was "Uncle Grandma.". Since then, this grandmother thought "Well, maybe I should dress a little more feminine." My souvenir was a pink coat and a new title. What I would do to have that child on this side of the country calling me anything he desires.
    I love being a grandma.... in any color.

  7. Great story! Thanks for stopping by and sharing it with me.